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Bad Billboard = Bad Investment

Most billboards are poorly designed because client companies do one of two things. They cram as much information in as will fit—to get their money’s worth. Or they recycle their current print ad irrespective of format. They think they’re saving…

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IRS Confusion

IRS = Internal Rampant Stupidity

While we all know it’s no fun dealing with the IRS, an agency hardly synonymous with “efficiency,” unfortunately every American taxpayer must. Any business run like the IRS would be out of business. Even the largest, clumsiest of corporations perform…

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I read that article on which billionth website?

Like most of us I surf the web to gather information, research companies and find products and services. Yet with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, the blogosphere and much more available, I constantly struggle to remember exactly where I’ve read specific things.…

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Business identity is not an art project

Creating business and brand identity are often considered art by business people and designers alike. It is not. Business identity is a visual, bridge-building tool that helps companies sell their products and services. The overall goal pinning down why it’s a good…

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Tommiland – how a design hits the mark

The July fourth holiday condensed our month, and we’re behind on writing our newsletter/blog post. So instead of being late, we’d like to share one of our current design projects for our client Tommiland. We’re proud of our work and…

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