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Tommiland – how a design hits the mark

The July fourth holiday condensed our month, and we’re behind on writing our newsletter/blog post. So instead of being late, we’d like to share one of our current design projects for our client Tommiland.

We’re proud of our work and love sharing it, so we may start sprinkling in a few examples between posts. What do you guys think of this idea?

A little about our client
Tommiland is Tommi West, a technical writer for all materials related to web design. Her focus is ensuring the success of users with software products. She’s authored books, re-written an entire knowledgebase of articles, created learning guides, developed numerous how-to tutorials for, and developed sample project files to help web designers and developers accomplish specific tasks. If you need a technical writer, let us know, and we’ll do a personal introduction.

Brand personality traits
Creative, technical, accurate and reliable.

Brand promise
Tommiland grasps technical information quickly and organizes it into easily digestible documentation.

The solution
The new identity incorporates T & L for Tommiland within a mosaic. The letters are neither hidden or obvious. They represent the integration of complicated concepts into a larger whole – in a clear, accurate, comprehensible way. The identity’s professionalism  and polish conveys that they are a trusted and dependable firm.

We also discovered in our process a tagline that boiled up from Tommi’s own subconscious: Passionately Rational. The client said it in the line of conversation and we stopped her, “wait what was that? That’s perfect.”

The result
“I just saw the Tommiland business cards for the first time… and they are STUNNING! I am so thrilled – they are perfect and so professional.

I got a call from another department at Adobe for a potential new gig. I’m meeting with them next Tuesday, so now I can hand the Product Manager my new card and totally impress them.”

As this project shows, we dig deep to understand and clearly communicate our client’s brand strategy, brand positioning and story. We always love hearing your comments, so keep them coming. Have a fun summer!

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