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So How Do We Do It?

Though each assignment is unique, we have found that this process is a very strong foundation for every project:

Define. Start at the end. What do you want to accomplish? We need to understand what you want to do before thinking about what it should look like. We determine your business goals and objectives first.

Research. Gather information. Asking a lot of questions about you, your business, and your competitors gives us critical information.

Plan. Write a creative brief. This serves as a guide throughout the project. Based on this, we explore and present several concepts to you to elicit further input and direction.

Develop. Refine the approved direction. Determine fonts, layout, spacing, colors and imagery. We revise and refine into a final piece.

Implement. Apply the solution. Manage and produce materials, from printing brochures to launching a website.

Support. Keep your brand on track! Your business, brand and materials are living things. They should be reviewed periodically to ensure they are still aligned with your business goals.

Bondepus approach

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