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One Image, a Few Q’s Justify a Professional Business ID

Let’s pretend you are remodeling your kitchen. The first thing you might do is ask friends for referrals and get a few names. Next, you jump online to do some research about them.

And let’s suppose you find:

Why your company needs a professional identity

Based on what you see:

  • Which company looks like it does higher-quality work?
  • Does one look more experienced than the other?
  • Are you confident each will be in business in a few years if issues arise?
  • Who will most likely finish the work on time, not stranding you without a kitchen?

No, we are not suggesting that anyone choose a business based solely on its logo. But when a homeowner starts researching and comparing options, the image your business projects can grab her attention and direct her initial perceptions about the type of company you are. These are make-or-break perceptions—about your company’s size, success, reliability, financial stability, service and quality—all based on what the shopper sees. True, this process may not always be fair and reasonable, but it’s how we all operate. It is, after all, human nature.

You didn’t happen to answer “Boyd,” did you?

While Boyd may in fact be the better company, the hard wiring in our brain tells us otherwise, probably they’re not. They just don’t look “right.” This can happen any day, with most any company. And the hard lesson is, if you haven’t invested in a professional business identity, you are probably losing business to competitors that have.

The ones that have made a proper investment look appealing, and there is inherent credibility in the effort and expenditure required to look that way. People see them as established & professional. That builds trust. Conversely, companies like Boyd are seen as higher risk and less reliable. Boyd will have to compete on price to win business because our gut tells us they are not as good or dependable. In order for us to go with (i.e., gamble on) them, we’ll expect a much lower price.

Few companies want clients like that.

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